Robert is thyroid patient and talented and heartfelt blogger who blogs his challenges living with thyroid disease at Robert has shared an amazing video for the I Am the Face of Thyroid Disease awareness campaign.

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70 Responses to “Robert “Hypoman” Chapman – “Thyroid, Actually””

  1. Linda

    19. Feb, 2013

    How was it? Words can’t adequately explain. You had me laughing and crying all at once. Thank you, Robert. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a little over a year ago and am still working at figuring out what works best for me. I so look foward to checking out You are wonderful and such an inspiration!

  2. Jennifer Sand

    19. Feb, 2013

    Mr. Hypoman. Your video is excellent and moving. Your gentleness and humor seem to shine on out of those eyes. Don’t know what it is but the holding up of the signs and the music….brilliance. Well done!

  3. Gemma

    19. Feb, 2013

    Your film says everything beautifully.
    Just wanted to say thank you.

  4. Kerry bird

    24. Feb, 2013

    Thank you so much for bringing awareness to fellow sufferers you are an inspiration. We all live in hope.
    Love and Peace xx

  5. nadyah

    26. Jul, 2013

    Thank you Robert,that was great, lovely face of hypo yes you did make me cry,can’t make any sense really why we have to suffer so much,sad really.
    Wishing all of us long suffering hypo’s better soon
    Regards,hugs and a big thank you

  6. Winnie

    19. Oct, 2013

    Just found this when having a bad tired day , thanks for doing your blog and this film, its helps to know that someone understands the feelings of being hypo even when you look ok but you are exhausted inside, had a wee cry when I saw it .

  7. keith loreth

    07. Jan, 2014

    Hi-I have been involved in the vitamin and supplement business for many years i am hypo-thyroid myself since 56 i am 71 i was helping Dr David Derry of Victoria bc. I was busted and had to plea bargain to get charges dropped from an employee .I got a criminal record for this i had to claim bankruptcy .No one was harmed by the natural desiccated thyroid hormone i sold.I have done a lot of research on thyroid and i think the best book is SOLVED the riddle of illness.

  8. Cathy

    08. Jan, 2014

    hello hypo man, I have been on thyroid meds for over 25 years for hypothyrodism. I have had Hoshimoto’s now for past 5 years or so. Your video is touching and I agree the support community in cyberspace is very helpful. I am going to join your blog and thank you for reaching out to many of us! Sincerely, Cathy

  9. Shawna

    08. Jan, 2014

    I have a question for those living in the UK and Canada. Can you not get natural desiccated thyroid hormone?

  10. Al

    08. Jan, 2014

    Fabulous, thank you made me smile :) :)

  11. Al

    08. Jan, 2014

    Shawna – not through official channels. No one will prescribe it. However lots of us do “acquire” it via internet!

  12. Candice

    08. Jan, 2014

    You are awesome thank you

  13. sheereen

    09. Jan, 2014

    hi, I am suffering with hypothyroidism for the last 30 yrs, I do ex n diet but my weight never reduces pl guide me.

  14. Kimberly

    09. Jan, 2014

    Love, Actually is my favorite movie. So, I love your choice to use that scene as your inspiration. I suffered hyper & Graves 30 years ago, and am now Hypo with Hashimoto’s. Rocky ride the last few years. I will check out your blog! Here’s to your healthy HypoMan!

  15. Elizabeth

    09. Jan, 2014

    Lovely music, I too have a thyroid that does not function properly, they change medication up and down. Love and Peace to you and your awesome.

  16. Helen

    10. Jan, 2014

    I’ve been hypothyroid for 52 years. Ya just gotta keep taking your meds. I’m still tired after all these years; am 69 now and ‘they’ still haven’t figured it all out. Love

  17. Paloma

    10. Jan, 2014

    I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome around 1992 after a round of seeing doctors who didn’t know what I had. Eventually Fibromyalgia joined in, and then eventually thyroid problems. I’m taking some kind of thyroid med from a naturopathic clinic for past year and half, not helping any. I had chest/heart pains in June of 2013, thought I was having a heart attack! Kept overnight at hospital, doctor strongly advised me to quit taking the meds from that clinic. My regular MD has not even addressed the problem, I had been on Levothorxyn for about three years prior to starting the thyroid compound SR gtain capsules, which also did not help. I have continued with the SR grain capsules, for lack of anything else. I live in west coast, Washington state, & with the weather we’ve been having, stale air, overcast; has made it very difficult for me to funciton. In my depression I think (but only fantasize) about suicide, with other people in my situation. I have an ex-sister in law who is alsoing going through the same thing, and I’ve been going through this longer than she has, she’s only going on maybe three or four years and
    don’t know if she’ll be able to hang on as long as I have. Maybe it would be bring more attention to this illness, which has been ignored for too long. I think doctors don’t want to find a solution, just like cancer, otherwise if there was, it would end alot of job security for some people! I used to be a very strong person, and this illness has brought me to this point in my life.

  18. Michele

    13. Jan, 2014

    Thank you Robert for your honesty in describing life with hypothyroidism. For almost seven years I have lived in excruciating pain, not enough energy to push an ant up a hill, & utter despair. I would pray every night that I would not wake up in the morning for another day of misery. I started on Synthroid, T3, hydrocortisone, & bio identical hormone replacement about 4 months ago & feel like a new person. I had Graves & was told my best option was to have my thyroid ablated. I have Crohn’s Disease & the impact my thyroid has had on my health I am just starting to understand. I also have back problems which the pain medicine was not working correctly 1st from undiagnosed Graves & then Hypothyroidism. Doctors I have learned are not keeping up to date with the information out there. I am reading Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness by Broda O. Barnes which is from the 70s. It makes me really mad what Doctors used to know and have seem to forgotten. The horrible impact Hypothyroidism can have on every aspect of your health. My eyes, skin, and practically every function of the body that keeps us healthy. Good luck on your journey. My thoughts & prayers are with you.

  19. Anne

    31. Jan, 2014

    I’ve been posting various topics on my face book to support Thyroid Awareness throughout Jan 2014. I used your short film as my last contribution. I have hypothyroidism and have meds but still have days of exhaustion now I am suffering from server anemia which makes me exhausted and dizzy and with a young enfant its really tough. I know that this has been brought on due to being hypo. So glad I found your blog and video. It was uplifting although it made me cry as I myself am still looking for answers. I’ve tried diet change and exercise but just made me ill and now with Anemia I have no energy so I feel as though I’m going around in circles continuously.

    I will keep searching for solutions.

    Best Wishes and prayer to you all our there.

  20. Susan

    07. Apr, 2014

    Thank you it so refreshing to know that there are others and in not just me that is struggling.
    Doctors here don’t seem to care very much its a one size fits all remedy in UK.

    Thank you so much for making your film

    All good wishes to everyone with these problems

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