Drs. Richard & Karilee Shames are co-authors of the books “ThyroidPower” and “Fat, Fuzzy and Frazzled.” Karilee Shames, and the couple’s three children, all have thyroid conditions, and Rich Shames has been treating thyroid patients with integrative approaches for more than 30 years. their websites at http://www.feelingfff.com and http://www.thyroidpower.com

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  1. Tina

    14. Jan, 2011

    I had begged my PCP for natural thyroid instead of Synthroid for 2 years…I bought the book “Thyroid Power” and gave it to her to read at her leisure…she did and was so impressed by what she learned from this book that I was finally prescribed the Armour Thyroid I had begged for…and finally began to feel better and have a reduction in hypo symptoms.

  2. Marlene Hurney

    29. Mar, 2011

    We have two Endro Medical Clinics.in Sioux Falls, SD. I have dealt with both of them and they do not seem to be well educated in Hypothyroidism. They do not want to give me the results of my tests. One told me the results of my last test of the THs & T4 saying he did not check my T3. They do not want to provide me with the ranges they are using. They act like it is a big secret and are intimiated when I ask for the T3 result. These drs want me too take Synthroid or a generic of it. When I tell them I do not tolerate the synthetics and need Armour Thyroid they balk telling me they would get in trouble with the government if they prescrible Armour. I said the pharmacy in my neighborhood had it in stock – why would they have it is stock if it was against the law to dispense it. The doctor then did say he could get me a script at a “speciality pharmacy” for me and I finally got it. Now he is preschribing me only a dose of 15 mg. a day. When I called for a refill I asked for him to bump it up a bit and was told no. When I picked up the scrip he did bump it up to 15 mg for 6 days and 30 mg on the 7th. I have written the drs office requesting a copy of the lab tests. I would like to know what the ranges are for the TSH. T4
    and T3 are as I need to manage my treatment as my present dr says I am hard to get along with. Doctors in this city do not seem to be interested in making a person well. Where do I go to find the ranges as I think my dose should be bumped up to more miligrams as he wrote a script for the Armpur Thyroid 15 mg for 12 months. Where do I go to find out the ranges? Thank you very much for anything you can do for me.

  3. Despina Christakis

    22. Feb, 2012

    I’ve had problems with the medications I was given and for years could not sleep. Now, I have melanoma on my nose the doctor tested my Vitamin D levels and was 38. She gave me the D2 50,000 once a week. I had a great deal of proboems with it. I would not recommend it to anyone with thyroid problems. Now, I’m taking D3, I was told to take 10,000IU a day. Isn’t that too much? I took the dosage for one day now I’m down to 2,000 IU a day. I don’t know if it is too low or not. But since, I started taking Vitamin D3 I am able to sleep. All this years the doctors did not know what was my problem. I hope this helps someone and if any one has any advice please contact me.


  4. Megan

    22. Jan, 2013

    Thank you Docter I had an idea tht gut issues were related to Thyroid problems as is most everythng in the body. I am hypo thyroid and was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2003. I had a goiter when I was 12 and the usual symptoms and as I age severe gut reactons that cause me to nearly pass out..about 3 times a year which i suppose will one day be the death of me they are so severe. I never heard the term Auto immune disease for this before nor tht the brain is also losing cells..I need all I can get ha. So what is the alternative then Im on 1.88 Myla as opposed to 225 then 200 now not the best but more affordable than levothyroxine. My Dr did tell me I have to take B12 for the rest of my life now as the red blood cells are abnormal and I supposed nerve damage is happening as a result too. Also too much medicine can have an adverse effect. I did just see on this link that taking D will help with the cortisol issue which I was just becoming aware of. Thnak you for this site Mary.

  5. nbsgkxdnrt

    29. Jul, 2013


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