Dr. Gordon Skinner is one of the United Kingdom’s most renowned thyroid practitioners. He is also founder of the World Thyroid Register –
http://www.worldthyroidregister.com — a directory created to help address the situation of “patients who are hypothyroid and have yet not been diagnosed and indeed patients who are being managed with an unacceptably low level of thyroid replacement.” He invites patients around the world to sign on to the Register.

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15 Responses to “Dr. Gordon Skinner”

  1. Linda

    13. Jan, 2011

    What did he say????? Can’t understand him.

  2. mazbeth

    28. Jan, 2011

    re blood test being held up as the ‘Gold Standard’ in testing…that there is no solid evidence to relate thyroid chemistry to clinical status
    [He's Scottish]
    Hi Dr. Skinner – you practice ‘just up the road’ from where I live :)
    …how I wish that you were on the N.H.S though…
    I know you have knowledge and that you care – but we have no way of meeting the fees [I made enquiries a couple of years ago on the phone]
    We live on my husband’s disablility benefit..
    But keep up the good work and i hope the GMC have stopped pestering you.

  3. mazbeth

    28. Jan, 2011

    actually, where I wrote
    “that there is no solid evidence to relate thyroid chemistry to clinical status..”

    he was saying ‘it hadn’t been validated’

  4. Name (required)

    20. Jan, 2012

    What area does Dr Skinner work in? I’m going to get a referral from my doctor and want to see Dr Skinner

  5. Jonathan Willis

    21. Feb, 2012

    Dr. Skinner works in Birmingham, Alcester Road, Mosley. If driving, I strongly advise you use a sat nav and the “postcode” as the destination. The directions on the letter are unclear and Alcester road is very long.

  6. Ann

    11. May, 2012

    Linda, you need your ears checked. He is totally understandable, are you hard of hearing.

  7. Rosie Exon

    14. Feb, 2013


    My sister has had her thyroid removed over a year ago and has been so poorly since the op, doctors can’t get her meds right and she is deteriorating fast :-( I desperately want her to see Dr Skinner as does she but her consultant point blank refuses to refer her to Dr Skinner, Please please please tell me is there another way? I can’t lose my sister I am desperate, how else can we get to see Dr Skinner?

  8. Sara

    15. Feb, 2013

    Rosie, the GP should be able to write a referral letter for your sister. Dr. Skinner is registered to practice by the GMC. Also insurance companies cover Dr Skinner’s fees. So your GP cannot refuse to do a referral letter.Good Luck. Sara

  9. Denise Smith

    03. Apr, 2013

    Dr Skinner is the only Dr to have helped with my symptoms in the last 20 years. All my GPs advised me that my TSH was normal therfore you need to eat less and move more. For 20 years i have been seeing GPs with Thyroid related symptoms and i was never taken seriously because of my TSH. I knew that i could not cure all my symtoms myself, i knew i wasnt right. Thankyou to Dr Skinner, i absolutely feel right now, shame i have had to wait 20 years to find him. My GPs acknowledge that my symtoms have gone but they still don’t agree that i need thyroid medication. Denise

  10. Mary Farmer

    19. Jun, 2013

    I haven’t waited 20 years. I have waited 50 years to hear the blessed words ” no solid evidence to relate thyroid chemistry to clinical status”.
    Had partial thyroidectomy 1963. Said at the time I felt as if a bomb had hit me. Felt awful but everyone said it would make me feel better. It didn’t. Ruined my career and my marriage. The obstinacy of the GMC has ruined many lives, and they have no right to prevent patients from obtaining help from people with vision like Dr Skinner who are not stuck in the past.

  11. ian marsh

    03. Dec, 2013

    I have been ill for over twenty five years, for 17 of those years various G.P.s and specialists told me -nothing was wrong. Eventually I got a diagnosis of M.E. and was sent to a specialist at the Q.E. birmingham. He told me there is nothing to be done and sees me once a year to repeat the phrase.
    12 weeks ago I started treatment from Dr. Skinner and within 6 weeks the pain in my joints and muscles had gone. I am continuing my treatment and gradually increasing the dosage as he recommended. I learned today of his sudden death, my condolences to his family. He will be greatly missed by so many people. Thankyou Gordon!

  12. trish goodall

    11. Jan, 2014

    I would like to say a huge thank you to my Dr Skinner a man that has stood alone against the establishment, a unique individual, who helped myself and my daughter, back to complete health, thank you so much , for your compassion , knowledge, your courage, your wonderful sense of humour, you will be sadly missed Dr Skinner, this world will be a poorer place without you. God bless you Dr Skinner and all your family my heart felt condolence. Thank you Dr Skinner …Trish & Rachel.

  13. Lynne

    26. Feb, 2014

    Thank you for everything you did for me getting me well he will be sadly missed by his family and patients we all became his friend most caring and wonderful DR i have ever met thank you again will miss you lots. Lynne

  14. fangubo

    08. Mar, 2014


  15. carpinteyrocop

    14. Mar, 2014


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