Allyson Averell

Posted on 29. Jan, 2011 by in Thyroid Patients

Allyson Averell is a Hashimoto’s patient, an artist and is fighting for awareness. In her video, Allyson discusses the importance of sharing our stories and being there for each other, among other things.

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  2. lynnbarry

    29. Jan, 2011

    I hear ya, sister…GREAT MESSAGE! HUGS

  3. marie

    29. Jan, 2011

    So true, I felt like it could have been my own story!!!! ((hugs))

  4. Tracy

    29. Jan, 2011

    Thank you so much. I’m a mother of 4 with thyroid problems and I fight, and fight each and every day. Some days I feel like giving up but I don’t because of my family and friends that I love so much. Thank you for reminding me today to keep fighting :>)

  5. Marcia

    29. Jan, 2011

    What a great video Ally. You really are fortunate that you found out what was wrong at a younger age. It was YEARS before I knew what was wrong with me, and believe it or not, I was so happy to find out that there was a name for what was wrong. I finally knew why I was so tired, overweight, stressed and moody. I researched and still do, everything I can to feel better. Thank you for being here for support.

  6. Dana

    29. Jan, 2011

    Great message!! I’ve had almost all the symptoms too, going from hypo to hyper for the past few years….only now I’ve been able to put a few weeks together where I feel like the fog has lifted and I feel good!! Good job!

  7. Lisa Jordan

    30. Jan, 2011

    Your a blessing! Thank you for helping us not feel alone! I shared it on Facebook, because your message hit the spot & can hundreds of others. It has been a tortureous process & your words were empowering.
    Lisa L. Jordan

  8. Jennifer

    31. Jan, 2011

    Love this! It indeed is a constant struggle between not letting symptoms keep me down and making myself take supplements and go to bed on time and exercise and eat better and do the things I know I need to do to keep hashimoto’s from ruling me. Without all of the online support and information I’ve found over the past few years, I don’t know where I’d be!

  9. Charlie

    01. Feb, 2011

    Thankyou Allyson for making the effort to do this, (effort being the important word here as I know that just daily existence is an effort for Hashis sufferers, let alone doing something out of the ordinary!).

    Watching your video I felt like I had a friend in this. I don’t know anyone else who has this disease and it is quite isolating. As much as my family, friends and work colleagues are understanding they can’t really know what it is like but you do. So thanks again, I cried when I watched your video but I feel happier now. I wish you and all the other Hashis sufferers victory with their battle. Please all of us just keep asking the question: How can we fix it?? My TSH levels have been in the ‘normal’ range for over a year now but I continue to feel progressively worse, surely mainstream medicine is missing something. We need to keep pushing them to find out what it is!

    I wish you and all my Sisters in this, well.

  10. Karen

    18. Aug, 2011

    I have Hashimotos and I can relate to everything you say here! Thank you! My best advice to anyone with this condition would be to find the best endocrinologist you can. That made a world of difference for me. I feel better now, 8 years after diagnosis, than I ever thought I could. Like you, Allyson, I was very symptomatic on diagnosis. I kept seeing various doctors, but because I was only 32 and had recently had a baby, the doctors just kept saying I was postpartum. It took a long time for me to get the right diagnosis and then the correct level of Synthroid. I was also found to have a vitamin D deficiency and a calcium deficiency. I really started to improve after those were found and corrected, about three years ago.

  11. r

    26. Sep, 2011

    i have wanted an orbital decompression for almost 10 years now. my parents dont want to support me. they dont believe me, and think that im just being a whining little bitch.

    i dont know how i can convince them to support me. i want to show this video, and hopefully theyll understand. but i doubt it.

  12. donna harris

    11. Jan, 2012

    Thank you, I’m 24 years with thyroid problems, my original diagnosis was graves disease, post RAI therapy with no fuction.
    I agree I thought I was going crazy, the mood swings where shear torture for myself and my family.

  13. shelley

    22. Jan, 2012

    Allyson, Thank you so much for this video ive just recently been diagnosed w my thyroid condition ,, it really makes me feel terrible some days,, I am lost on were to turn too.. Thank you for the video at least i know iam not a hypacondreact

  14. Allyson Averell

    10. Dec, 2012

    Thanks everyone for the support and kind words. Happy I could relate to people! Come be friends with me at where I also do more thyroid awareness

  15. Jasmineea

    26. Feb, 2013


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